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6 thoughts on “Contact Me”

  1. Hi Chris!
    You’ve got a great blog going. I really appreciate your writing about the Owl City concert. Our son “discovered” Owl City a while ago, has been a great fan and introduced them to our whole family. I just found out that we WON tickets to their concert in Chicago tomorrow night! I’m so excited! The same bands are opening for them here in Chicago.
    We want to take both kids…..11 years old and 9 years old. Do you think that the concert is appropriate for them? I’m thinking that it probably is, just knowing who Owl City is, but I wanted to really make sure if you could offer up an opinion. I’d really appreciate it.
    Jen G.

  2. Thanks so much for your comment! That’s so awesome about winning the tickets! I would highly suggest the concert for kids of all ages. I saw kids as young as like six years old at the concert in Indy, and there was no reason I can remember as to why it would have been a bad idea to have them there. Now, I can’t account for the type of people you are going to encounter, but I can tell you that the concert itself is very kid friendly.

    Thanks so much for reading and subscribing! How did you find my blog?

    Have a great day.


  3. Thanks so much for the quick reply. I found your blog when I Googled “Owl City Concert Children” & was happy to find more good stuff on your blog. :) I’m so glad you said that it would probably be ok because I was so excited that I just went ahead and bought the 2 extra tickets. I’m not too sure about the types of people that might be there. The venue looks very eclectic, so it could be interesting. But with both of us parents there we can either use it as a good life lesson or escort the kids out if it’s too crazy. I can’t wait to surprise my son when he gets home from camp today. He’s going to go bonkers! :)
    Thanks again!

  4. Haha that’s awesome! Yeah, I went with my girlfriend and we were fortunate enough to be in the front row. I would say about 60-70% of the people there were teenage girls, while the other 30ish% was made up of anywhere from little children to older college-aged guys like me. At my venue, rather eclectic as well, there were even round tables in the back of the room for the parents or whomever to sit at.

    I hope your experience is enjoyable. Adam Young is an awesome brother in Christ who does a phenomenal job of incorporating Christ into his concert without compromising or preaching. I loved his concert a lot, and I really look forward to hearing about how you enjoy it! I’m very excited for your son, as I’m sure he will be beside himself.

    Have a great time!


  5. :) What a great show! I’m so glad that we went and took the kids. They loved it too…although I think they’re more introverted than Adam and nobody could tell that they were having a great time. I don’t think they quite knew how to behave at a concert and were just a little embarrassed by their momma’s bouncing. But that’s my job. I loved the show they put together … and the hologram during Alligator Sky was COOL! I think my daughter’s signing up for cello this year. So fun…..I’ll be smiling all day. Thanks for your notes.
    “For He is the saving grace of the galaxies!”

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