Owl City “The Midsummer Station – Acoustic EP” Dropped Today!


Hello all,

Adam Young has released his latest installment of tunes under his Owl City brand this week–an acoustic set of three popular songs from The Midsummer Station (Good Time, Shooting Star, and Gold) and two new tracks, not acoustic (Hey Anna and I Hope You Think of Me). I’ve been enjoying it so far this morning.

Below I’ve got a sample for you! I enjoy “Hey Anna” in particular. It’s not particularly deep or fun lyrically, but the tune is neat. Buy the album on iTunes!


“The Victory” by Phil Wickham

I’ve been doing a good amount of writing lately for a number of projects. I made a Phil Wickham Live playlist on Spotify and it’s been pretty sweet. It blows me away how he can sing so well and make it look so effortless.

This song in particular speaks to my heart. Here is a live video, though it isn’t the best quality, you can get a sense for what I mean when I say his singing looks so effortless. Lyrics will be under the video, as well.

On a hill Your blood was spilled
Your brow, Your hands, Your feet
With nails and thorns the veil was torn
To make a way for me, You made a way for me.

Jesus, Savior, my God, my King, my Lord
Jesus, Savior, the victory is Yours.

Wrapped and bound, they laid You down
A perfect sacrifice
But in three days, the stone was rolled away
Forever You’re alive
Forever You’re alive

Jesus, Savior, my God, my King, my Lord
Jesus, Savior, the victory is Yours
The victory is Yours

Death has been beaten
The grave has been conquered
Jesus is risen
Life ever after