2013 Devotional Plan

Hi friends!  Last year, I spent the year reading through the Bible chronologically for the first time ever, and it was a fruitful experience.  However, after reflecting on the process throughout the last week of 2012, I came to the conclusion that I would not be doing it again in 2013 because it did not engage me enough in the way in which I prefer to study: in-depth.  Reading the Bible in a year is great for some people, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in doing so, but I often found myself more frustrated than refreshed, and wanting to learn more rather than read more.  I often wanted to take time and spend a few days looking at a particular chapter in Jeremiah or a favorite Psalm.

So instead of doing that again this year, I’ll be spending more time studying selected books in a more in-depth fashion, but I’ll also be devotionally studying a great new tool from the folks at The Gospel Coalition: The New City Catechism.

Here is a link to the New City Catechism that explains what it is and what it was created to do.  It is helpfully divided up into 52 questions and answers that can be studied on a week-by-week basis over the course of a year.  I will spend some time reading the commentary that is provided, meditating on the principle, watching the video, and trying to memorize the Scripture and question/answer portion.

Join me if you want!  There is a great iPad app, a web version of the tool, and it can be printed off as well!   Be sure to check it out, I’m really excited to learn from it this year, and I hope it can bless you too!