Grown men throwing temper tantrums, church kids demanding fairness, a special anniversary, and other random things.

Hey there.  Over the past few days a few things have taken place that I thought were blog worthy, but I just figured I would write a little bit about all of them on one blog post.

First, let’s get this out of the way.  The other night, I was hanging out with my wonderful lady-friend Susie (more to come on her later), and we were watching the Chicago Cubs game.  While we were watching, Carlos Zambrano, a starting pitcher for the Cubs,  gave up a total of five home runs, two of which were back-to-back jacks.  Zambrano, who is famous for his terrible temper, was visibly distressed, and following the back-to-back homeruns, he proceeded to “throw at” Chipper Jones, long-time Atlanta Braves third baseman.  Here’s the video.  The pitch you see on video was the second of such pitches, and the umpire had had enough, and rightfully so, and threw Zambrano out of the game.  Following the ejection, Zambrano cleaned out his locker and told the trainers/personnel in the locker room that he was going to retire.  What a baby.  Here is an awesome story from regarding the disturbance Zambrano is in the Cubs clubhouse.

Seriously.  What a fool.  He has always had temper issues, almost killing Derrek Lee last year, many other, as Bob Brenly, Cubs’ TV announcer calls them, “Big Z moments.”  What a child.  Really?  You’re a 6-foot-5 270+ pounder, and you throw tantrums like my girlfriend’s not-even-two-year-old nephew (but I think Max is better behaved)!

Basically, in my opinion, and in the opinion of nearly everyone in the Cubs’ organization, the Cubs’ need to get rid of Carlos Zambrano, even if it means eating the $23 million left on his salary.  Drop his butt off at an Atlanta bus station and tell him to find work elsewhere.  The guy is an idiot, and not the funny sort of Boston Red Sox idiot.  Ditch him, soon, please.

Next topic, children demanding fairness.  I was working in the children’s ministry at my church this morning, running the sound booth, and I heard a little yell something to the effect of, “Hey!  That’s not fair!”  Now, if you’re a parent reading this, two things:  1)  Stop thinking, ‘Ha, just wait ’til you’re a parent!,’ and, 2) Isn’t it past your bedtime?  It always kinda makes me giggle when I hear kids, or even adults sometimes, demand for something to be fair–particularly, if they’re Christians.  A Christian, really, shouldn’t ever be complaining about something not being “fair.”  Now, this isn’t to say you should not care about justice, but seeking justice and demanding fair treatment are two different things.

See, the problem with demanding fairness, if you’re a follower of Jesus Christ, and I don’t mean a follower of @jesus on Twitter (recommended, though), is that you have been shown the most unfair act of all eternity.  It is not at all “fair” that you get to spend eternity with Jesus, except for the fact that when God makes the rules, they’re the rules.  If God was truly “fair” with you, you’d be damned to hell.  Bummer.  How about you stop demanding fairness and start showing grace and not giving too much of a care about when things are a bit unfair due to the fact that God was unfair with you.  Unless, of course, you’d like God to be fair with you and send you where your works should be sending you.  Be unfair to others for the glory of God, and stop whining for goodness sake.

Next topic, and my favorite of all.  This past Thursday, I celebrated my one year anniversary dating the amazing Susie Roth.  I am blessed beyond belief and I am incredibly thankful for the encouraging woman she has been to me in the past year.  We went out on a date Friday night, and flowers were in order.

It was a great night celebrating our one year anniversary.  It is so ridiculous to believe that I have been dating her for only one year.  Our first year definitely flew by super fast, but I know here so well that it’s hard to believe we’ve only been dating a year.  We went out to eat at Flat Top and had dessert at DeBrand’s.  It was great.  I love taking Susie on dates.

Small note, Coldplay, arguably my favorite band, will be releasing their new album “Mylo Xyloto” on my birthday, definitely intentional on their part, October 24, 2011.  The first person to get them to come to my dorm on that day and sing me “Happy Birthday” gets a free bear hug.  You know it’s worth it.

I read the Wall Street Journal for the first time the other day.  I really loved it and learned a lot about all things financial and political.  I definitely want to be a subscriber sometime.  Only problem was I read it for upwards of two hours and didn’t finish the whole thing.  I don’t have that kind of time to read the news right now.

Also, as I was reading the Wall Street Journal at Starbucks on Friday, I had my first Americano ever.  I expected it to be stronger than normal coffee, but it wasn’t…  I rather enjoyed it.

Regarding my return to school two weeks from today.  I am rather excited to get back.  However, I’m kinda bummed because I could be ending my last extended stay in Fort Wayne for a long time.  I will be home for Christmas break and such, but I won’t be here next summer as far as I know, and the summer after that I graduate and only God knows where I’ll be, so who knows when I’ll get to spend longer than two or three weeks in the Fort again.  I love this place, and I am going to miss living here badly.  I enjoy everything about it.

I recently stared using a music program called Spotify.  It’s really awesome and I enjoy using it.  Through using Spotify, I have discovered the band Skrillex and the genre “Dubstep.”  I really enjoy this genre, it’s an upbeat techno genre that is great to get pumped up to.

That’s all of the random little things I can think of right now.  I think I am going to go read a bit before I hit the sack.  It’s been fun writing to you tonight.  I hope you got through the angry Zambrano rant and eventually enjoyed the post.  :)  Have a good night.



P.S. It should also be noted that Susie and I both gave each other the same gift for our one year anniversary (outside of the awesome Chicago Cubs experience she gave me), a scrapbook of our first year.  Great minds think alike.  :)


2 thoughts on “Grown men throwing temper tantrums, church kids demanding fairness, a special anniversary, and other random things.”

  1. Do you find it ironic that in your picture of an “Americano”, there are two Honda’s and a British Petroleum in the background?

    Maybe it’s a Lassus, but that’s not as ironic.

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