I really love what Adam Young does on his blog at  He freewrites essentially, writing whatever it is that comes to his head.  I love it because the guy is an amazing writer–I particularly enjoy his imagery and frequent use of alliteration.  So, inspired by him, I thought I would try my hand at some free writing myself.  I have created the perfect storm.  It’s about 11:50pm, I’m tired, and I have immersed myself in some trippy Sigur Rós music via my noise-canceling headphones, and I’m ready to write whatever comes to my head.  Here goes nothin.

Today was a beautiful day, weather-wise at least…  I awoke this morning later than I had hoped, but not so late as to make my morning stressful.  I slept much better than expected.  I was somewhat unsatisfied with the fact that I could no longer sleep with no alarm like I did the past four days as I was visiting Susie, my girlfriend, down in Fishers.  The nice thing about alarms is that while they are rather annoying, they tend to not only get you up on time, but also make you motivated–they do for me at least.  Whenever I don’t wake up to an alarm, I not only wake up as late as I want, which is nice (most of the time), but I am also not motivated to do anything.  Alarms could be a common grace provided by God to prevent sloth-like behavior… hmm… that’s interesting.  As the epidural is to the curse upon the woman, so is the alarm to the lazy man I suppose.  It’s gotten to the point at which I use two alarms every morning.  During my job at the summer school, I found myself waking up later than desired (to the point of stress, unlike this morning) because I began turning my alarm off without noticing I was doing so.  I feel this isn’t a good habit to get into though, setting two alarms, because eventually it seems that, if this pattern continues, even two alarms may not be enough.  Maybe I’ll try setting just one alarm when I get back to school…

Unfortunately, I did not experience the aforementioned beautiful weather until I first noticed it on the way out to my car this morning to leave for work.  I love sitting outside on the front porch in the morning, drinking my coffee and reading the latest book I’ve started only to never finish, before I go to work.  Much to my despair, however, I did not realize that the weather is no longer that of the inside of an oven, and is really quite pleasant, specifically in the morning and evening hours.  But, I was able to enjoy Mother Nature’s relief from her hot flashes along with her this morning via a couple of rolled down windows on my commute.

I have worked a few jobs this summer.  The majority of my time has been spent a local pizza place that will remain unnamed despite the fact that both of you already know what it is.  Working in the food industry is such a fascinating experience.  I arrive at work in the morning to work alongside high school dropouts, typical teenage girls, and dudes that listen to songs about cornbread and chicken.  You’ve got your prissy teenage princesses and your backwoods, basement-dwelling bums.  It is quite a sight.  No one there is normal, myself included.  The pizza place is your typical small-town grub joint, but with a nice shiny case on it.  It’s rather bizarre.  I thorough enjoy working there as odd as it is.  They pay me well and provide me with my position every summer regardless of their circumstances.

I came home tonight and did a variety of things.  The best of which was probably sitting on my deck, doing my summer Greek homework.  Summer nights such as these flood my mind with memories I can recall but rarely re-feel and most certainly never re-live.  You know what I mean by “re-feel?”  Like, you can remember memories right?  Like that one time slipped and broke your face on the fireplace?  But how often can you “re-feel” a memory?  You know, like really feel it.  Like, it gives you chills just remembering the feeling.  The joy, the sorrow, the breeze, the bugs, the smells, the scenes, the friends, the foes, the success, the mistake.  Nights like these make me re-feel memories.  Memories such as playing catch with my dad at my old house just a block away, or swinging on the swing set in that same backyard.  Memories of front porch gliders and swings.  Memories of baseball games and fights in the front yard.  Nights like this not only make me recall events, but they make me re-feel experiences.  Sometime, if you ever have the opportunity to re-feel a memory, cherish it.  Opportunities like that don’t come around all the time.  Just last night I re-felt memories of years past simply by seeing how the sunlight came through the trees as I walked my dog around the block.  These weren’t special trees by any means, but the scene in itself gave me goosebumps and almost time-traveled my mind back to nights as a young kid riding my bike through my neighborhood.

I’m thankful for beautiful weather.  It gives me more than just a comfortable ride to work or a nice climate for my morning coffee.  It allows me to re-feel memories I could only once recall.



New Owl City Track

Hey everyone.  Adam Young of Owl City released a new single today.  I saw him perform it at the concert in Indianapolis.  It is a lovely piano ballad.  Enjoy!

I may post something of content later today.  Got a lot of reading and such to do.


Favorite lines from Greg Gilbert’s, “What is the Gospel?”

Hey there.  I haven’t posted in a while, but I thought I would post a few of my favorite lines from a book I just finished reading entitled, What is the Gospel? by Greg Gilbert.  It was a fantastic book and a short read.  I highly suggest it.  I know you can get the book for dirt cheap, or you can borrow my copy!  Here are a few of the parts I highlighted:

“With his very first words, Paul insists that humanity is not autonomous.  We did not create ourselves, and we are neither self-reliant nor autonomous” (28).

“To have someone say you to you, ‘I’m coming to save you!” is really not good news at all unless you believe you actually need to be saved” (30).

“God.  Man.  Christ.  Response” (32).

In regards to how we often see God, “For the most part, he’s kind, affable, slightly dazed and needy but very loving grandfather who has wishes but no demands, can be safely ignored if you don’t have time for him, and is very, very, very, understanding of the fact that human beings make mistakes–much more understanding, in fact, than the rest of us are” (38-39).  (Pretty epic quote if you ask me…)

“The loving and compassionate God does not leave the guilty unpunished” (43).

“You see, nobody wants a God that declines to deal with evil.  They just want a God who declines to deal with their evil” (44).

“If we reduce sin to a mere breaking of relationship, rather than understanding it as the traitorous rebellion of a beloved subject against his good and righteous king, we will never understand why the death of God’s Son was required to address it” (52).

Regarding sin, “But because we will continue to struggle with sin until we are glorified, we have to remember that genuine repentance is more fundamentally a matter of the heart’s attitude toward sin than it is a mere change of behavior” (81).

“If you are a Christian, realize that you hold in your hands the only true message of salvation the world will ever hear” (120).


I have so many more parts highlighted, but any more quotes and I may be breaking the law.  :P  Basically, you need to buy this book.  It’s really awesome and a great tool to teach yourself even more about the Good News of Jesus Christ, as well as, telling it to others.  I hope you’ll buy the book, or request to borrow it from me.

Have a great day!