My trip to Owl City

Well, it was awesome.

I had an amazing time.  The Murat Shrine building was really cool, and Susie and I got into our Fast Lane at about 5:15 or so.  We Fast Laners were allowed into the Egyptian Room about 20 minutes before the non-Fast Laners were allowed in.  Consequently, Susie and I got front row steats (standing seats…heh).  I was amazed at how awesome our seats were, and was very satisfied paying the extra $5 a piece to get them.  Thus began our standing marathon.  We stood from 5:15 until about 10:30.  5 hrs. and 15 mins. of standing… that did a number on my very flat feet.  But, it was alllll worth it.  I wish I could upload some video from the concert I took with my iPhone, but WordPress makes me pay for that, so you’ll just have to deal with pictures..

At 7, the first opening band started–“Unwed Sailor.”  These guys were pretty good, not wildly entertaining, but good musicians.  I described them to Susie as, “Coldplay without words.”  Their music was very similar and was just instrumental.  Adam Young said at the start of his part of the concert that they were his favorite band growing up in high school and he felt rather odd that they were opening for him.

After unwed sailor came Mat Kearney.  He has had a couple of hit songs.  This is the one with which I was most familiar:

Mat was awesome.  He reminded me a lot of Coldplay as well.  He sounded a lot like Chris Martin, their lead singer, similar mannerisms as well.  (A lot of Coldplay-esque music opening for Owl City is a pretty sweet combo in my humble opinion.).

Those guys were pretty awesome.  For any UCC people that might read this blog, their lead guitarist looked exactly like Davis Meadors, but taller.  He was really good.

Ahhh, and finally, Owl City.  In short, they were amazing.  In long, they were amazing.  Like I said above, I wish I could share videos with you on here, because they had a really cool intro that I got on tape.  (Also, I got the entire performance of “Honey and the Bee” on my phone… it was beautiful even though the girl was as good as the one on the album.).  If you would like to see the videos, ask me in person sometime or ask me to email them to you.  So good.My pictures aren’t that great because he wouldn’t stop moving.  But they’ll suffice.

One of my favorite parts about the concert, and Owl City overall, was the diversity of fans.  I saw parents, I saw teeny-boppers, I saw old men, I saw six year old boys, I saw emo high school girls (and boys), I saw some jock with a flat-billed hat screaming every word to every song.  I saw just about every demographic imaginable (except for maybe Amish folk).  It was incredible.  It was just so surreal seeing how such beautiful, unique music, can bring so many different people together.  It was really neat and it was one of my favorite parts about the concert.

Another one of my favorite parts about the concert was when Adam played his three “subtly religious” songs right in a row.  He played “Angels,” “Galaxies,” and “Meteor Shower,” all in a row and it was awesome to see such unity between Gospel truth and pop music.  It wasn’t Relient K, it wasn’t Chris Tomlin, it wasn’t Hillsong United, it wasn’t Lecrae, it wasn’t anything but unique, and that’s what makes it so great.  Adam Young, the heart and soul of Owl City, the mayor if you will, is a follower of Christ.  A Gospel-centered Christ follower who aligns himself with the teachings of John Piper and the like.  He is an awesome guy who loves Jesus, loves music, and does a beautiful job weaving the two together to make pop hits without compromising his faith in the process.  He proclaims Christ, yet doesn’t shove it in people’s faces.  There’s something to be said for that.  I follow him on Twitter, and seeing Tweets like, “Just read the book of Jude. Humbled. Convicted. Encouraged,” really encourage me in my walk with Christ.  It’s really cool seeing a musician of his caliber play what many would call “secular” music in a Christ-exalting way.  I love it, and he was a joy to see in concert.

My top three favorite songs performed at the concert had to be these three, starting with third place.
Third Place:  “Galaxies.”  The intro with the Reagan speech from the Challenger tragedy combined with the catchiness of the song made it absolutely fantastic, and it was a blast awkwardly dancing to.

Second Place:  “If My Heart Was a House.”  This is the last song Owl City performed before they left the stage for good.  This was the second of their two encore songs (“How I Became the Sea” being the other).  This song is very special to me, it gets me every time.  I think it is one of his most beautifully written songs.  He is an amazing creative writer and this song shows it to the full.  It was a great note to end on.

First Place:  “The Yacht Club.”  Ok, so hear me out on this one.  Somehow, I have been overlooking this song when I have been listening to the new album, but hearing it live and “awkwardly dancing” to it was the most fun I’ve had in a long time.  This was the last song Owl City played before they left and returned for the encore.  It sounds similar to “Umbrella Beach,” and it was SO MUCH FUN to sing, dance, and headbang to.  It was amazing, and I would go to this concert again solely to see this song.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about how awesome Owl City was.  It was truly a blast and I hope you get to go someday.  It is worth whatever you have to pay.  Adam Young is an amazing writer and musician who loves Jesus and doesn’t shy away from his faith.


Me looking gross before the concert, and Susie looking great as usual.

“The Book Nook,” a poem.

Here is the poem I promised a couple of days ago.  It is called, “The Book Nook.”


The Book Nook

I have a book nook.
Wanna come look?

It has books of all shapes, colors, and sizes,
Advice books for any problem that arises
Books about birds, books about ants,
Books that will teach you how to dance,
Books about sports,
Books about forts,
Books about fixing your old clunky car,
Books about people traveling far,
Books about the tales of dwarves and wizards,
Books about the diets of snakes and lizards,
Books about hooking your favorite fish,
And books about cooking your favorite dish!

O so many books to browse and peruse,
None of which I’d like to lose.
If you see a book you’d like to borrow,
Just make sure you bring it back tomorrow!
(Book crooks are not welcome in my book nook.)

Would you like a book?
Come, have a look!


I hope you enjoyed it!  I loved writing it.


“Smoky’s Record Store,” a poem.

I have been reading a little bit of Shel Silverstein recently, author of many famous poetry works such as, A Light in the Attic.  Anyway, Mr. Silverstein and Dr. Seuss are my two favorite poets ever.  I like writing poetry now and then, and I love how they write goofy poems with good rhymes that are fun to read and aren’t all stuffy like “literary” poetry.  What makes T.S. Eliot better than Shel Silverstein I will never know, but Eliot is harder to read and not near as funny, so I suppose that is what qualifies it as good.

Anyway, Silverstein and Seuss are my two main poetic influences, and I have been writing a poem now and then as Silverstein inspires me with his succint and humorous pieces.  Here is a piece I wrote called, “Smoky’s Record Store.”  It’s short, but I really had a good time writing it.  I have another poem I am finishing up that I will post in the coming days.  Enjoy.


Smoky’s Record Store

There’s a record store on South Wells Street

Where daddies drink and mommies meet

The doors are closed, the place is dark

There are always plenty of places to park

Music is virtual, and often it’s free,

Who needs a record or a brand new CD?

Technology is rich, old Smoky is poor,

For no one needs his store anymore.


This poem is about a record store I pass on my way to work that has been closed for some time it appears, yet it doesn’t look as though anything has been moved out of it.  As my dad put it, “It looks like old Smoky just turned the lights off, locked the door, and left…a long time ago.”  Who knows what the story is, but it was fun to use as content for some poetry.

Another poem should be coming in the next day or so.  It’s about a nook.  :)