Exegetical Paper on Deuteronomy 9:1-6

Hey everybody!  I am posting the exegetical paper I wrote for my class on the Pentateuch.  I finished the paper a couple of weeks ago and I thought a few of you really nerdy people would like to read it.  I believe if you click on the link below it should lead to you the full PDF document of my paper.  I know there will be some grammatical issues and such, but please don’t be the jerk that points all those out for me.  I’ve been that guy.  No one likes you.

Enjoy!  I hope you learn something!

Exegetical Paper on Deuteronomy 9:1-6



Today on the Internet (4/28)

Howdy!  Today is a beautiful day.  I have a busy couple of weeks before we get to finals week.  Home stretch!

18-month on signs a professional soccer contract–Yes, this is for real…kind of.  Check out this CNN story on how a toddler managed to get signed by a professional Holland football club.

Something big coming from Apple May 20-22?–Apple retail employees cannot take time off from May 20-22.  Similar restrictions were made when Apple released the iPhone 4 and iPad2… Something big coming?  Probably, as it is Apple’s 10th anniversary for its retail stores.

Amazing tornado caught on video–If you’ve been anywhere near a TV in the past couple of days you’ve heard about the storms ravaging the south.  This is an amazing video from someone at the University of Alabama.  Incredible.  Also, here are some pictures of the aftermath.  And here is the front page from the Tuscaloosa, AL newspaper.

An awesome story regarding Derek Taatjes–Just read this.  Especially you Taylor folk.  Such a great story about The Gospel Coalition and Derek Taatjes.

Video of the main sessions from The Gospel Coalition–Watch any or all of these.  My top two would have to be Tim Keller’s sermon on Exodus 14 and Matt Chandlers sermon on Ecclesiastes (the sermon referenced in the Derek Taatjes story).

Great stuff from the Internet today.  Enjoy!


“He is Risen Today” –a poem

He is risen today, Jesus Christ my Lord,

The Man whose Word is like a sword.

He died for our sins, both yours and mine.

He died for our faults, our every malign.

He shed His blood, His left His throne,

So He could make me His very own.

I begin to think,

“Man I stink.”

I’ve failed; I’ve lied.

O how she cried,

Yet death had no sting

On my sovereign King.

He is risen today, God’s only Son.

The debt is paid; the work is done.

Oh how my soul shall sing much praise

For the risen King, O Ancient of Days.

My sin is gone, my debt is paid

Because in the tomb, He no longer laid.

Rejoice, O friend, rejoice indeed!

Your chains are gone, in Him you’re freed.

-Chris Martin