Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Hey guys.  This is a fictional story I wrote for my Intro. to Creative Writing class.  It is titled, “Peanut Butter Sandwiches.”  I hope everyone is well.  Enjoy the story!



Week 1- Monday, April 5

“Did your mom finally tell you?”  Josh asked.

“Yeah, she did,” Timmy answered.

“Mine too, she said it’s some kind of,” he paused, sighing, “growth on his brain.” Josh’s mouth dried up as he uttered the diagnosis.  They found it about five weeks ago when he went to the doctor for a really bad headache.”

“Yep…” replied Timmy.  “It’s some kinda thing that ended in –oma.”

Josh continued talking in a hushed tone.  “Do ya think…” he began, “he’ll get to miss school?”

“Probably.  It’s not like the sniffles or a tummy ache, it doesn’t just go away.”

“I know,” whispered Josh, “but he was supposed to win the science fair this year.”

“I’m not sure he’s gonna have much time to do all of the work for it,” Timmy sighed, “unless the doctors in the hospital can help him out.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right.”

“People would probably call him a cheater if he did that though.”

“Probably, but he never cheats.  He’s too smart to have to cheat off of anybody.”

“Yeah, he’s never cheated on his homework.”

“Ya know, I never thought about it, but maybe that growth on his brain is what makes him so smart,” Josh said.

“Probably not,” Timmy said.  “I dunno how something could make you smart and make you sick at the same time.”

“That’s true, but ya never know.”

“Ya, I dunno, you might be right.”

“You don’t think he’ll get held back, do ya?  He has missed five weeks of school already.”

“I sure hope not, I can’t imagine going to middle school without him.”

“Me neither.”

“Yeah, I don’t think he’ll get held back though, he’s smart enough to make up his work.”

“Yeah…  Ew, my peanut butter sandwich is kinda soggy today, the rain got my bag all wet,” Josh said.

“Mine too.  Too bad he’s sick, I’m sure he would let us share with him.”

“Yeah, and his mom makes the best peanut butter sandwiches!  Ya think he can eat peanut butter sandwiches in the hospital?”

“Maybe, I dunno.”

“I really miss him already, Timmy. I hope he gets better soon.”

“Me too.”

“That’s the bell.  Time to go.  I’ll see ya later.”

“See ya Josh.”

Week 2- Monday, April 12

“Last night was the first time I have ever been to a hospital,” Josh said.

“I went once because my grandpa was in the hospital because he got in a car accident.”

“It was kinda neat.”

“Yeah.  The doctors and nurses were really nice.”

“He didn’t look too bad!”

“Yeah, he’s kinda starting to get bald though,” Timmy pointed out.

“You’re right, but he’s still not as bald as my dad, and my dad feels fine!”

“He is getting bald because of the medicine, not because he’s getting old…”

“Right, well if the medicine makes him bald, it must be working!  …Right?”

“Hopefully.  He seemed pretty healthy last night, except for being really tired and all.”

“Yeah, they said the medicine makes him really tired too.  How can a medicine do so many bad things to you, Timmy?”

“I’m not sure, but the doctors probably know what they’re doing.”

“You’re right.  I’m sure they do.  They’re even smarter than he is.”

“I heard some of the girls in our class are going to make him a card and have the whole class sign it,” Timmy said.

“Really?  Who?”

“Abby, Meghan, and Kristen.”

“I think Kristen likes him,” Josh giggled.

“I think so too.”

“She would always share her lunch with him if he forgot his peanut butter sandwich.”
“Yeah, she would give him whatever he wanted.”

“Well, time for recess.  I will meet ya out there.”

“Okay, see ya in a few.”

Week 3- Monday, April 19

“Baseball season is starting soon!” Josh exclaimed.

“I know it is!  I’m super excited!”

“Your dad is coaching again this year, right?”

“Oh yeah, he is coaching again.  He has some good ideas for our team, too.”

“Awesome, I’m so excited!”

“Yeah, we should have a great team this year.  Well, we will if our shortstop feels better soon.”

“I can’t believe he’s still out of school,” Josh said.

“Yeah, well what he’s got doesn’t heal very quickly.  It takes a lot of time.”

“I know, I just hope he feels better soon so he can play ball this year.  He is our best hitter and our starting shortstop!”

“I know, I know.  We can figure it out without him, though.”

“I hope so.  Man I miss him.”

“Me too.  My mom said the hospital costs are starting to become a problem for his family.  She has been making them dinner every night the past week.”

“I wonder,” Josh began, “I wonder if we could go around and collect change to give to his family.”

“We won’t get enough money to cover the costs.”

“We don’t have to pay it all, Timmy!  Every little bit would help them out!”

“Okay, I guess you’re right.  I don’t even know how we would do it, though.  Do you think anyone would give us any money?”

“Oh yeah they would!  Everyone loves him.  He’s so nice and he always helps people when they need it.”  Josh sniffed as tears began to run down his cheeks.  “He helps people with homework, shares his lunch with people when they forget theirs,” he wiped his nose and continued, “compliments people when they look nice, helps them with…” He began to sob.

“Shh…shh…  It’ll be okay”

“I know…I just…I miss him…so much.”

“Me too, he’ll be fine.  Don’t worry about it.  It’ll be fine, I promise.”

“Ugh, I can’t even finish my sandwich,” Josh said.

“That’s all right.  Just calm down and don’t worry about him.  He will be fine.  Let’s start thinking of ways we can raise money for him.”

“Okay.  Whatever you say.”

Week 4- Monday, April 26

“It was so good to go to the hospital again last night,” Josh whispered as a teacher stared at him sternly for talking of the sickness.

“I know,” Timmy replied.  “His family was so happy to see how much money we collected!”

“I can’t believe we collected forty-two dollars and twenty-three cents!  I wasn’t expecting to get that much!”

“Me neither.  I’m really glad you decided to do the fundraiser.”

“I never knew how much money kids carried around in their pockets during the school day.  No wonder that bully Bucky Fanton gets new Nerf guns all the time!”

“I have a feeling, after seeing him last night, that we may have our shortstop back in time for baseball season,” Timmy said.

“I think so too!  He looked really good.  His mom said that his medicine was working and that he would be home within the next few days.  She said he should be back to school next week!”

“I hope so.  That would be awesome!  He would be back in time for baseball season.  And he wouldn’t get held back!”

“We will be able to go to middle school together!”

“Next week, we’ll all be eating our peanut butter sandwiches together!”  Josh exclaimed.

“You boys need to quiet down,” barked Mrs. Chang, the boys’ teacher.

“Sorry,” the boys whispered in unison.

“I can’t wait for him to be back next week,” Josh whispered.

“It’s gunna be awesome, we can be the Three Musketeers again!”

“All for one, one for all!”

“Shhhhh,” hissed Mrs. Chang.

“Sorry!”  they said.

Week 5- Monday, May 3

“I’ve never seen my dad cry before,” Josh said as he wiped his own tears away.

“My mom never wears black.”

“I can’t believe this, we were all supposed to be at school today.”

“I know, Josh.”

“I mean he got better!  He wasn’t sick anymore!  How could this have happened?”

“I dunno.”

“Everyone else survived!  Why couldn’t he?”

“Sometimes things just happen that way.”

“All of the airbags went off except his.  I just don’t understand.”

“They got hit on his side of the car.  I’m not sure an airbag would have even helped.  I mean the car was smashed.”

“All of these people, they really loved him.”

“We all did.”

“I think I’m gonna have to play shortstop this year.  I don’t think I can replace him, though.”

“No one could ever replace him.”

“Nope, no one.”

“Being here at his house just makes me miss him even more.”

“Me too.”

“It’s weird eating his mom’s peanut butter sandwiches without him around.”

“He’s really gonna miss those I bet.”

“I bet.”


Just a short update

I don’t have a lot to say, but I just wanted to post something so here is a brief little update on what I’ve been up to lately.

I suppose I can start off by talking about the small group I started a few weeks ago here at school.  It has been an AWESOME small group.  We have been meeting every Thursday night for the past few weeks in the top of Zondervan Library.  The ten-or-so of us meet in a large study room and study God’s Word together.  We have been watching videos and listening to sermons of Matt Chandler and discussing topics he speaks on in his sermons.  We have had some very insightful, lengthy, and rewarding discussions about various topics.  It has been a great time to learn more about how to better pursue Christ and further His kingdom.  It is going very well and I can’t wait to see how it can improve and continue to help all of us grow in the coming school year.

Yesterday, I found out that I was chosen to be one of Samuel Morris Hall’s two Discipleship Coordinators for the next school year.  As a Discipleship Coordinator, I will be discipling the Sammy DAs (Discipleship Assistants) so that they may better disciple the men in our dorm.  I am very excited to have the opportunity to be a DC of Sammy and I can’t wait to see what God is going to do there next year.

I don’t have anything profound to post today.  I am kinda distracted by basketball and the beautiful weather, I’m not focused enough to write a good, insightful blog post.  But I just wanted to give you guys an update of what I’ve been up to the past couple of weeks.  Hopefully I can make a few good posts over Spring Break. :)

I get to come home on Wednesday for Spring Break!  I can’t wait!

Happy March 20th!