Academic Idolatry

Here is a piece that may be going in the Taylor University Freshman Newsletter in January.  I could write a lot more on this subject, but I am not sure how short or long the article needs to be.  So here ya go.

Not too long ago, we experienced our first finals week as Taylor freshmen.  Before and during that week, I found myself struggling with what I call “academic idolatry.”  Academic idolatry is exactly what it sounds like, putting your academics before God.  Our insatiable hunger for high GPAs and perfect papers often detracts from our time praying and being in God’s Word.  Just because we don’t get a grade for how much we pray and just because we aren’t going to be quizzed over Psalm 23 tomorrow (unless you’re in Bib. Lit.), doesn’t mean we should push our Jesus time aside while we study for our tests. Too often studying for our chemistry test dealing with the nature of different molecules becomes more important than studying about the nature of the God we serve.  This idea is not an excuse to be lazy in your studies.  There is a difference between being responsible with your studies and being lazy.  It is far more important to pray and learn more about Christ and how we can best serve Him than it is to be irresponsibly academic.  Do you serve God?  Or is your GPA your master?



Who are we?

Hey everyone!  I hope you all are enjoying the end of fall and beginning of winter as much as I am.  I like the cold weather, to be honest.  Today we got snow for the first time here in Upland!  I love it!  I just watched Narnia last night and with the light posts and all it really looks similar to the magical land…  (minus Mr. Tumnus and Aslan).  I cannot wait to be home for Christmas break in 10 days.  I had SUCH a great time when I was home for Thanksgiving break and I cannot wait to come back and spend time with my friends and family.  I am not taking these days for granted, however, because I am continually looking for ways in which I can further Christ’s kingdom and strengthen my walk with Him.

I wanted to post something on here that I was thinking about this morning, and to those of you who get my “daily verse” texts in the morning, you have already gotten some of  this.

This morning I read and sent out this verse, “Help me, LORD my God; save me according to your faithful love…” -Psalm 109:26.  I followed this verse with a few thoughts.

Without Christ, we are nothing.  Christless, He has no reason to use our sinful selves to further his glorious kingdom!  We, as Christ followers, should be ashamed whenever we have rights to anything not promised by God!

I compared the far-too-often thought that we are entitled to things such as fairness and happiness as a freed prisoner flippin’ his middle finger to the oh-so-gracious One who bailed him out of prison.  And that this bailout was not one of money, but rather, this person had to be punished for our wrongdoing in our place.  Who are we to say, “Screw you, I deserve _______!”  It is a miracle that Jesus saves us, let alone promises us our necessities.  How disgustingly rude and ungrateful do we sound when we ask for more from He who saves us?  Talk about “overstaying your welcome.”  While He lets the sinful into His presence through prayer, the sinful often ask for additional things to satisfy themselves, and ultimately, make them ungrateful.

Do not take the above paragraph as me sounding self-righteous.  I write this because I often think I deserve more than what God promises, not because I was angry with someone else who thought so.

Please do the Gospel of Christ and yourself a favor and don’t make a fool out of yourself by thinking you deserve something.  We, as Christians, deserve nothing, and are blessed that Christ promised us anything.

Matt Chandler’s, “De-churched”

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He loves us.