The Importance of Self-Awareness

Hey everyone.  I hope you are all doing well.  I am currently in Upland, IN taking classes at Taylor University with the intention to graduate in four years with a degree in English Education.  After reading this post, feel free to look me up on Facebook and talk to me about it, or anything else!  Try following my thought process, this post is pretty much stream-of-consciousness.

Have you ever been in a situation in which you assumed what you were doing was acceptable because you follow Christ?  “I follow Christ, what I’m about to do isn’t sinful in itself, so surely I’m okay in doing it.”  How often do you examine your motives for every action you take?  Assuming what you do is right because of your belief in Jesus Christ is a dangerous thing to do.  I have been learning recently about how imperative it is to examine the reasons behind my every action.  I have learned that following Christ does not inherently purify my motives.  Regardless of how faithful I am in following Christ, my motives must be continually examined.

I do not have the authority to examine and/or criticize the motives of others.  However, as your brother in Christ, I ask you to please, for your sake and the sake of others, analyze everything you do, and more importantly, examine why you do what you do.  How often do you further Christ’s kingdom in your words and actions?  Furthermore, how often do you think you are serving Christ when really, you are just serving yourself and your own interests?  I know it happens in my life more than I care to admit.

Something else I am trying to fix in my life recently is the amount of pride I have.  Being prideful can be like a Catch-22.  Try to follow this example:  if and when a prideful person gets off track, it is often hard for this person to get back on track.  Here is why it is so difficult:  1)  A prideful person never admits when he is wrong, so he cannot fix the problem himself.  2)  Because a prideful person cannot help himself, it would be logical for him to get accountability (a wise person to correct him in his mistake or prevent mistakes from happening in the first place).  That would be logical, yes?  Here is the problem with that:  a prideful person is too caught up in himself, too confident in his righteousness to ask for help from anyone else.  The nature of a prideful person turns an easy-to-solve problem into a cyclical black hole of foolishness that can only be stopped by breaking the prideful person psychologically.


A third party, outside of the prideful person and the wise person, must force the prideful person to seek accountability from the wise person, for the prideful one would never humble himself to a point at which he would ask for help.  A prideful person will only ask for help if he did something SO FOOLISH that even HE recognizes his errancy. (<—-This rarely happens)

Ok, so if, by chance, you read and understood everything I was trying to say up above, maybe you gained an understanding of the importance of humbling yourself early, before it gets ugly.  Being prideful is a problem within itself.  Even so, if your pride becomes so inflated that it influences your actions, you will have a much more difficult and complicated predicament on your hands.

And to be honest, these two issues I have discussed (selfish motives and pride) go hand-in-hand:  being blind to selfish motives is caused by pride.  If you are prideful, you will not realize your own selfishness.  I hope that I can caution you against being caught in the problem that is pride.  Trust me, it is much better to correct this issue before it creates a domino effect.  “Learning the hard way” is much more painful and complex than the common, cutesy euphemism that we use flippantly.

Love God, love others.

Have a good day!