Any volunteers to carry me?

Hello everyone!  Yeah yeah, I know.  I’m a jerk, haven’t posted in too long.  I just got back from the Dominican Republic with the Brookside Youth Group on Sunday.  What an experience.  I will be going through what I learned most in the next week or so I hope, as I read more.  I hope you have all been well.

But today I come to you to talk about the brilliance that is the Holy Spirit.  This isn’t going to be a long post, but in our Ephesians Bible study on Monday nights, a little bit of what we have talked and learned about deals directly with the Holy Spirit.

The same Godly power that resurrected Jesus Christ, three days after His crucifixion, is available to US today via the Holy Spirit  (us is capitalized for emphasis, not for the United States, to clear up any confusion).

Also, this Spirit that lives in us is the same spirit that was in Moses, Paul, and [insert name of disciple here].  (Ephesians 2:18)  Take a few moments to think about that, or as Phill Knuth says, “Put that in your theological pipe and smoke it.”  How incredible is it that the same spirit that resided in those great Biblical figures resides in each one of us!  (Ah boldness is much less confusing then capitalization.)  Is that not incredible!?  Makes me feel like I can do anything God asks me to do.  And it not only makes me feel like that, but it does make me able to do anything God asks me to do!  (Philippians 4:13)

Lastly, the church is being built up for the dwelling of the Spirit.  The modern church (not a building but the people) is built up for the purpose of housing the Holy Spirit.  Hm… what was that one thing that was built up for the dwelling of the spirit, and then it had that one little treasure chest in it…?  Oh yeah, thats right, the most hallowed building in the past 2000 years, the Temple.. and that one little treasure chest… oh yeah, the Ark of the Covenant.  So we serve the same purpose as the most holy object in the last 2000 years… Don’t get too proud, He will be sure to humble you in some way.

So I, as a Christian, keeper of the Holy Spirit, am kinda like this cool gold shiny thing.  I think I’m gunna replace my Ford Taurus with a few guys that could pass as priests, spraypaint a refridgerator box gold and have them carry me around in it to work, youth group, etc.  Al Gore would be proud.

But seriously, think about how great and gracious our God is for allowing us to be keepers of His Holy Spirit.  That thought is a transition  into what I have been learning about lately:  the greatness of our God, and the importance of praising Him in the easy times.

I will write about that next time.  Thanks for reading.  Comment or message me on Facebook with suggestions, questions, etc.  Have a great night.