Rethinking worship pt. 1

Hey there.  I would like to begin by apologizing.  I was not as focused on writing as I should have been over spring break, but I studied and came across one of the most convicting pieces of text to ever cross my eyes.  But, tonight, I write to you concerning a topic Phill so graciously discussed with us at small group tonight.  I would like to share a bit of it with you.

Worship is not emotional.

The moment you begin worshiping to feel like you’re closer to Jesus, the moment you are concerned with how you feel while singing to the God that you put your faith in every day, is the moment you start worshiping yourself.  Since when was worship about you?  Is worship about how you feel?  Does it really matter if you like the song?  Does it really matter if you like rad guitar riffs or sweet drum solos?  While most of you guys would probably agree that none of that really matters, do you really believe it?  Can one guy be playing an acoustic guitar with no amp on stage help you pray your prayer to God as much as colorful lights and rockin’ sound?  I hope it can, but does it?

So often we look to youth groups or concerts or musicians with loud music and songs that make us feel closer to God.  But the moment you use the word feel is the moment your reasoning dies.  You should not care if you like the song or if the beat strikes your fancy or if it makes you feel closer to God.  Worship never was, never should, never is, and never will be about you or how close you feel to God.  No matter what song you sing or what music plays in the background, the only thing of worth is the prayer you lift to the God you serve, and the attitude with which you do so. Where does scripture say that God says he cares about how you feel about him?

These are some things to consider when thinking about how you worship your God and why you worship your God.  Is worship about how you feel in relation to God?  Or is worship simply a prayer?

Email me or message me on Facebook if you would like to discuss this further or have any questions.  Come on out to Brookside Youth Group this Wednesday at 7pm.  Introduce yourself and meet some wonderful, God-loving people.