Hey there everyone!

Hey everyone.  I am here in Siesta Key enjoying some pretty nice weather.  The weather could be  better, but I will take 79 degrees and mostly cloudy over 32 degrees and sunny back home.  I heard they got some snow back there today…  do not want.

Anyways, I got here yesterday around 4 o’ clock and have had a great time so far!  Matt  Bontrager and I have hung out quite a bit.  We had a great time at his super-nice condo this evening hangin out in the pool and playing some Madden at his place.  I plan to enjoy the evening on the beach with a little less wind than yesterday…  hopefully.

Well I don’t have anything profound to say yet, but I will be doing some reading tomorrow hopefully.  Then I should have some content that is reading-worthy and helpful to your walk with Him.

Enjoy your spring break!  (Those of you on it..)



Hello again!

So Matt Bontrager and I are chillin’ at my house and trying to find something to do because for some stupid reason we cannot to Xbox live and play some Call of Duty 5… So… as he messes around on CoD, I decided to just come make some random post.

Matthew and I went to see Blackhawk Christian’s musical tonight, Bye Bye Birdie, and it was phenomenal.  The hilarious dance moves by Zach Hartley made my night.  Ben Ryan also put on a good performance.  I was also able to meet Katie Schnurr tonight who said she reads stuff on FWIL quite often, and it was a pleasure to meet a reader outside my current circle of friends.  (Thanks for reading Katie!). 

So I know I haven’t posted in a while, shame on me, but I have been incredibly busy compared to what I thought I would be, and consequentially, I have not had much time to sit down and write a worthwhile entry.  However, I am taking my dad’s laptop down to Siesta Key with me for spring break and I am going to try to post every day while I am there.  I hope to be studying and using the week to grow closer to God– in much contrast to what my peers will be doing with their time while down there…

Despite my inexcusable inactivity, I hope you all have been reading any other blog posts and have been learning and have been encouraged by them.

Just a little update…  I am currently lurching toward spring break which will provide a much needed rest that will help me endure these last few months of my high school tenure.  I am soooo ready for Taylor next fall and I cannot wait to meet new people and see what God has planned for me.  I was notified last week that I was awarded the Christian Leadership Scholarship.  I don’t have much to say about it except for that I cannot thank Scotty Kunkel and Ross Stratton enough for allowing me to become a writer on this blessed blog.  I believe this venue had a profound effect on my nomination and achievement of the scholarship.  Thank you very much for letting me write guys!

Well, Bontrager is asking  that I come play some Xbox with him considering we cannot connect to the Internet for one reason or another…  I will be blogging for you guys by spring break (March 27-April 5) if not before!