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An atmospheric analogy

Among all of my random writings in my notebook this past weekend, something interesting came about; an analogy. I was thinking about how much I appreciated all of my Christian friends and people of wisdom that God continually puts in my life, and I came up with a comparison that works rather well in my opinion.

The Earth, God’s masterpiece, and our place of residence for a short while. Let me make the Earth your personal walk with God, and you are a person living on this Earth, constantly immersed in your spiritual life, the ultimate goal of all Christians.

The thin blue line, the most important piece of the puzzle to life on Earth, the atmosphere. Please allow me to make the atmosphere that continuously surrounds the Earth, always protecting it from the dangers of space, our closely knit outer layer of our spiritual life, our brothers and sisters in Christ, eternally shielding us, taking the blows that are hurled our way on a daily basis. Our Christian friends act as an atmosphere to our Earth that is our walk with God. Rain often comes down from the atmosphere, encouragement from our friends, it makes our walk with God, our world, a more fertile and positive place to be.

Impending doom, a fiery composition of rock and metal hurtling through the darkness of space at thousands of miles per hour, a meteor, on course to smash into Earth. Next I would like to make the comparison of a dangerous fiery meteor to the dangers that life often throws our way. The meteor would no doubt end all life of Earth and bring everything to a screeching halt if it weren’t for our atmosphere. Just like a crushing blow in our lives can throw off our walk with God if it weren’t for our Christian friends, surrounding us like a warm blanket on a cold, snowy winter day.

Our one natural satellite, gripped by our orbit, our closest neighbor in space, the Moon. In the 1960’s JFK said we would be there by the end of the decade and it was so, in 1969. I would ask that you go along with my next comparison, the Moon to my nonchristian friends and the lifestyles they live. When I look up in the night sky I often see our natural satellite, the Moon sitting above us, all peaceful-like. But before our time the Moon was often cratered with the devastating blows of meteors, like the ones I described above. The Moon, believe it or not, has no atmosphere. And since the beginning of astronomy, we have constantly been seeking new ways to travel to the moon and improve its living conditions to hopefully colonize it someday. I urge you however, (this is where I tie in my analogy), it is not crucial that we spend most of our time on the Moon, just as it is crucial we take technologies we have developed on Earth and place them on the Moon. It is important to make trips there and take what we have learned from the Earth and apply it to the moon, like we should take what we learn in our walk with God and transfer it to our nonchristian friends (evangelism), but we cannot find ourselves in the state of these guys:

The men and women at the space station represent the ultimate form of lukewarm Christianity. They no longer reside on either Earth or the Moon. They represent those that say they are Christians, but don’t really live like it. They are from Earth, but they sure aren’t living like it, eating all their dried up ice cream and such, I spit that stuff outta my mouth like God says he will to lukewarm Christians.


It’s the ultimate example of those not knowing where they stand in their life. We often send the brave men and women up in space ships to work on the space station, kind of like how we try to reach out to our friends who are lukewarm in their walk with God, but most of the time it only attracts more people to study the Moon, just like associating too closely with lukewarm friends can get you too focused on ungodly things.

So in summary, I will write the literal version of the relation of all the celestial elements, then I will write the spiritual parallel version. Each sentence in each paragraph should be near perfect in its placement with the other in the opposing paragraph.

The Earth has an atmosphere that protects it day in and day out from dangerous meteors and other objects that could end all life on Earth if they permeated the atmosphere, and also rains down on the Earth to provide enrichment to crops and wildlife. The Moon is our closest neighbor in space. It is important to keep in it orbit for many reasons, but is often risky to venture to. And for many years we have been trying to industrialize the Moon with technologies from the Earth. The International Space Station sits between the Earth and the Moon. Astronomers take trips there to study many extraterrestrial objects, including the Moon. It can often be rather dangerous. They are from the Earth but often don’t live like they are, because they have to adapt to space, and they eat nasty ice cream.

Our walk with God is always protected and encouraged by a closely knit group of Christian friends who protect us from the dangers throw at us by life that could damage our walk with God, and also provides encouragement by raining down great experiences and other positive actions to maintain a healthy walk with God. Our non-Christian friends should be pulled in by the gravitational pull of our Christ-like attitude, but it is crucial that we do not let them affect our walk with God, and it is often risky business to hang out with non-Christian friends if we don’t keep our guard up. And we should always be trying to take things we learn in our walk with God and evangelize to our non-Christian friends. Lukewarm Christians often reside in between their walk with God and their non-Christian friends and lifestyles, often gazing at their secular ways and wanting to know more. It’s a dangerous place to be, to claim your salvation and not live like it. God vows to spit you out of his mouth.

I really hope I didn’t leave any great comparisons out. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Have a great day!


Friendship Pt. 1

Hey guys, here are my notes I took from Phill’s sermon last Wednesday on the topic of Biblical Friendship.

Friendship:  a unique relationship where common interests and direction form a bond.  It’s a two way street.

I must choose my friends.

Proverbs 12:26

You must work to have the good friends.  Pursue good friends.  Don’t expect a 10 if you’re a seven.

Friendship is often devauled:

1st:  God

2nd: Marraige Relationship

3rd:  Friendship

quantity of friends= bad

quality friends= good

Four things to help:

1. Eternity:  Where are you going?  Best friends should be devoted followers of Christ.  We have no right to choose close friends who aren’t Christians  Evangelism is NO excuse.  Don’t segregate.  (Amos 3:3)

2. Affinity:  Common interests, activities

3. Chemistry:  Choose friends who are feeling what you’re feeling.  Cliques are not bad.  Have healthy, open cliques.  People want to be in cliques.

4. Loyalty:  Choose friends who fight for what you fight for, and stand for what you stand for.

I must choose to love my friends.  “You and I have what I think is important in common.”

2 Timothy 4:16     Proverbs 17:17

Let people give you you, and you also give to others.

Love is HUGE.

Romans 12:9- the marks of a Biblical friend

Be the best by being around the best

The more you love, the better your friends are.

Love is the most excellent way.

Be able to say this to your friend:  “I was born and am alive this morning to help you. I’m ready, and you’re not alone.”

Thanks for reading!