Purdue Admissions Essay

Hey guys, this week I’m posting my purdue admission’s essay.  It’s a bit of my previous worry entry.  Enjoy!

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Matthew 6:34

In verse 34, chapter six in the Gospel of Matthew lies a piece of advice that never phased me until I realized the amount of effort it takes to faithfully and flawlessly trust what it says daily.

I have always been a chronic worrier, especially when I do not feel in control. I never understood how much I worried until my youth pastor, Phill Knuth, confronted me about it after spending extended periods of time with me on various youth trips. I would make comments such as, “Phill, I’m worried. I’m not prepared to give my speech in English tomorrow.” He would reply with, “Worrying is not Biblical; it shows that you don’t trust that whatever happens is God-willed and is always in your best interest, even if it means getting hurt.”

Phill’s wise words, coupled with Biblical references, such as Matthew 6:34, serve as some of the best advice I have ever received. It has made my life immensely less stressful and greatly improved my walk with God. Knowing God is in control and anything he lets happen to me is in my best interest, has made the high school hurdles that many teenagers struggle to conquer a breeze. Having the mindset that God is always with me is a priceless one. It has kept worry from plaguing my often hectic lifestyle, and will continue to do so in the future.

The tension that began to build because of the stress worry was putting on my spiritual life made me realize how it could negatively affect other crucial aspects of my life as well, such as my education.

I realized how worry could hinder my success if it got out of hand. If I worried about the math test two weeks down the road, I would be so preoccupied with my own apprehension that learning the material at hand would become difficult, and in turn, I would not succeed at the desired level on the math exam. Luckily, I never made it to such a level, at which all reason is sucked into a proverbial black hole, and you don’t know what you’re concerned about anymore, just withering in a constant state of worry.

As college nears I have been contemplating how maintaining a worry-free mentality could help me adjust to the ins and outs of college life. Having a mindset that is not clouded by fear or worry will help me manage every aspect of my home life while writing an ungodly amount of papers, and reading a seemingly infinite number of pages. Fear of the unknowns that reside in the realm of the eminent college lifestyle could greatly hinder success. I won’t let that happen.


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Texas High School turns Wild West

Hey everyone!  This week, I am posting my story that will be running in the October issue of The Scroll, Snider High School’s newspaper.  It’s an opinion piece I wrote about a Texas superintendent arming his teachers with guns.  Here ya go!

The climate isn’t the only thing packing heat at one Texas school district this fall.

Texas school district superintendent, David Thweatt, subtly passed a potentially controversial policy through his school board last fall, allowing teachers to carry handguns after being mentally evaluated and enrolled in a firearms training course.

Some Harrold school district parents are infuriated with Thweatt because they were not notified of the new school policy until it became a national news story nearly a year after it was approved by the school board.

This cowboy of a superintendent wants his teachers strapped with Glocks to stop any outlaw invading his jurisdiction. Only in Texas. For now.

What I find particularly humorous, yet not too surprising, is that Thweatt is being supported by Texas governor Rick Perry.

When I first began researching this story, it was just a nutjob Texas superintendent, overseeing a total of 110 students, wanting to make a small militia out of his professors. However, when I was informed that a governor supported this wannabe cowboy, I had to do a background check. Something this absurd had to have some reasoning behind it, right? Or are these two Texans just off their rockers?

Kenneth Trump. President of National School Safety Services, echoes my sentiments, and advises against school districts allowing their teachers to be armed.

Trump’s 25 years of school safety experience led him to the conclusion that hiring a school resource officer, like Snider’s Officer Chris Crapser, or even properly trained, organized and operated school district police departments would be a better solution to fortifying schools than arming educators. This counters Thweatt’s main point, the fact that his school district is 30 minutes away from the nearest police department.

“School districts considering arming teachers and school staff with guns would take on significant responsibility and potential liabilities that I firmly believe are beyond the expertise, knowledge-base, experience, and professional capabilities of most school boards and administrators,” Trump said on the National School Safety Services website.

Trump also says that arming school staff begs a number of questions, including, “Does the school board have appropriate and adequate policies and procedures governing the carrying and use of firearms by teachers and school staff? What type of ‘use of force continuum‘ has the school district created for staff to use firearms? How does that stand up in comparison to such standards held for police officers and others who are armed and deployed in a public safety capacity? What type of firearms training does the school district provide on a regular, ongoing basis to those staff it authorizes to be armed with guns? Will the school district build and operate its own firearms range? How will the school district manage an accidental shooting that could occur?”

Those are only a few of many possible problems Trump sees arising with strapped teachers roaming the halls at a high school in northern Texas.

If I were Perry and Thweatt, not only would I have a severe case of multiple personality disorder, but I would also not take what Mr. Trump says with a grain of… gunpowder.

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Perseverance #5

Hey!  Sorry this is two days late.  Enjoy!

2 Timothy 3:10- Contrast

I can persevere because Paul did.

We are all in full time ministry.

Some checkpoints for being effective in full time ministry include:

1. Teaching (Doctrine)
2. Conduct (Lifestyle)
3. Purpose (Vision)
4. Patience (Endure)
5. Love (The theme)
6. Perseverance (Keep on keepin’ on)
7. Persecutions (To flee)
8. Suffering (Burdens)

Perseverance + Persecution = Fruitfulness

—- For the Lord God is a sun and shield; The Lord gives grace and glory; No good thing does he withhold from those who walk uprightly.  (Psalm 84:11)

Words of Wisdom: The Christian life is not a solo sport, it is a team sport.  I must not be disillusioned by suffering.

—- strengthening the souls of the disciples, encouraging them to continue in the faith, and saying, “Through many tribulations we must enter the kingdom of God.”  (Acts 14:22)

Persecution is coming.  BRING IT ON!

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