More Snapshots from Monday Night Small Group

Hey guys. I’m back this week with some more little bits of advice from my small group that meets every monday night.

Emotions make a great caboose and a horrible engine in your train of life.

Girls tend to be more gracious, guys tend to be more truthful.

There are different camps of thought for those that are either more gracious or more truthful.

Unbelievers who are sinning should be adressed gently yet sternly, such as “Why do you do that?”

Surround yourself with oppositely minded people regarding truth/grace, it helps you become better at whichever one you’re weaker in.

Always pray for your future spouse, and that he/she guides his/her heart.

Those are just a few more little bits of advice, I have an epic entry coming next week, regarding something I struggled with for a long time, worry.  It’s bound to be good and definitely help those who worry about little things and even big things.  It will make you realize how much your worry is unneccesary.

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Spinach or Spanish?

(I credit Mr. Steve Webster for posting that on his blog so I may stumble upon it.)


Snapshots from Monday Night Small Group

Hello everyone! Because of this brilliantly designed routine, I will now be blogging every monday night!  This is good for me, because my Brookside small group meets every Monday night.  So if need be, I can be inspired by that.  Tonight I bring you little snapshots of some of the big pictures if you will, of what our small group discussed this past school year.  I will only be posting a few tonight, all on the topic of friends.

Unbelievers should not be your closest friends.  They should not shape you.  If they are too close to you, they will cause leaks in your relationship with God.  Friendships with unbelievers should be considered evangelistic relationships.

We have no Biblical right or authority to find fulfillment in any friends that aren’t believers.

Are we supposed to care for our girlfriend/boyfriend differently than our best friend? I think not.

Don’t people please just to maintain a relationship.  If you feel you must lie to a friend about anything, chances are that’s a relationship you don’t want to be in.

Okay, so that’s all I’m giving you tonight. I want to save some for later.  But there is much, much more where that came from.

Have a good night, and thanks for reading!

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