Chicago Trip

Hey, Brookside Youth just took a retreat to Chicago and and it was not only a blast, but a God-filled blast.  Everyone had a great time and took great steps in their Walk.

I would just like to ask for prayer that everyone doesn’t conform back to the regular life.  I would also like to ask you to pray for the youth group as the Basque kids have arrived, and just pray that our group would show them the love of Christ and what it means to them.




Isaiah 6:3

One of my favorite verses brought up when having a conversation with anyone is Isaiah 6:3.

Last Sunday morning, at Sunday school, Phill and the incoming/outgoing seniors kind of initiated and orientated the incoming freshmen.  A question arose that required Phill look up and talk about Isaiah 6:3.

The verse reads:

“Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord of Hosts, The whole earth is full of His glory.”  (NASB)

I just love reading this passage because it makes me think of heaven and how much I cannot wait to get there!

That chapter goes on to say that the trail of his robe filled the entire temple.

And that the doorposts and thresholds shook at the sound of the angels voices.  Doorposts and thresholds are the most weight-bearing parts of homes. If that tells you something…

And finally, the “Holy” attribute is the only one repeated, in describing God, in the entire Bible.  That should tell you its pretty important.

I know this is short, but I just thought I would share this with you.


If you're feeling lonely…

Recently, Pastor Phill has been talking about love. And a prominent idea he has preached about when he is speaking on love is this, “do not enter a dating relationship (or any relationship for that matter) to make yourself feel less lonely.” While I realized that a couple of my relationships were based solely on the fact that I wanted to appease my lonely feelings, I happened upon a funny little critter.

The Australian Sugar Glider

This is an Australian Sugar Glider, originally from… you guessed it, Australia, these marsupials (born in a pouch) love to eat fresh fruits and veggies, are nocturnal, and while in Australia, like partying with Koala bears. They are bred here in the United States.

When I first learned of this pet, I thought it was just a glorified hamster. However this delicate little guy is a companion for about 12 years.

Funny thing is, the attribute that most intrigued me was the fact that this animal is soooo attracted to its primary owner, that if it is left alone, or babysat for too long, (spring break for example) it can die! I thought, how cool is this!?! A little hamster (that can fly no less, essentially a flying squirrel) that has to be by me all the time! I was instantly in love. I wanted a companion, a glorified rodent for God’s sake, to keep me company!!

So I give you the Australian Sugar Glider, the most loyal companion one can have. Move over doggy, man’s got a new best friend.

Heck, some humans don’t even stay together 12 years..

So with this I have warned you, if you’re lonely, don’t break a girl/boy’s heart, just buy a sugar glider, (they’re easier to take care of in the long run anyway, not to mention cheaper..).

Become a proud owner of a sugar glider!

Learn more about Australian Sugar Gliders.